Marching Music’s Major League

I guess I should start this post by explaining that I am and always will be, a big fat marching band geek. I didn’t have a choice, it was bound to happen. I grew up going to marching band competitions when my older sisters were in high school and I instantly fell in love. I started playing alto saxophone in middle school and stuck with it throughout high school.

Enough about me and onto the design. This design is a series of three ads for Drum Corps International (DCI). DCI in the world of marching band is a huge deal. It is the standard of perfection, creation, innovation and any other –tion you can think of for the world of marching band. But I should clarifly, DCI isn’t “marching band,” it’s Drum Corps. “Marching band” has this connotation of a small, rinky-dink, group of less-than-social high schoolers. Drum Corps is an entirely different realm of professionalism and artistry. If you ever take the time to attend a DCI competition, I guarantee it will change your perception of marching music.

Going off of the distinction between drum corps and marching band, this brings me to the copy used in each ad. The language is specifically catered to people in the marching world, and even more specifically those who have witnessed a DCI performance. The object of the ad campaign is to encourage people to get out and go audition to be apart of something more than what they’ve experienced.

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    Side Note

  • If you follow DCI each summer, you might notice that I have a bias toward the Cavaliers (2 out of the 3 ads use images from their 2011 program)

Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to the Drum Corp International trademark, logo or any of its intellectual or creative property. I am not profiting from their work or selling designs involving elements in which I do not own. The photography and logo used in these designs are property of the Drum Corps International organization. ☺