Web & Graphic Design Portfolio

I attended college at Chapman University in Orange, CA where I pursued a degree in Business Administration with an Emphasis in Marketing. To complement my marketing focus, I decided to minor in Graphic Design. During my studies in design I took a liking to various fields of design including, advertising, packaging, and especially, web design. Each field possesses a unique venue to express myself and my personality as a designer; whether it be the bold minimalist approaches in advertising; hands on production aspects of packaging; or the overall motifs involved in web. I believe my passion for each of theses fields has helped me become a well-rounded designer, prepared to solve any design problem I may encounter.

More recently, web design has taken top priority among the three. Within web design there are constantly new things to learn and new solutions to old problems, which I find fascinating. Staying on your toes, and keeping in time with emerging design trends is of the upmost importance for any designer, and web design definitely makes sure of that.