Airbands 2011: And the Artist of the Year is…

(For a brief description of the event, “Airbands,” please see the previous post Airbands 2010.)

Coming off of our great partnership in 2010, Jessica Quirk and I decided to team our chapters (FIJI and Delta Gamma) up again to wreck house in Airbands 2011. This year we wanted to take Airbands back to its roots by focusing on the lip-syncing aspect. We modeled the performance after the reading of the nominees at music award shows. The award was “artist of the year.” Each artist had their named announced as their music transitioned in and gave a brief performance of their hit song. Sadly, in the video the cheering covers the voice over of each artist. Focusing on lip-syncing, each artist performed with a headset and the rest of the performers acted as backup dancers.

Jessica and I had a ton of fun brainstorming for this performance and testing things out. The opening scene was definitely of favorite scenes of the show. I feel as though my intentions and ideas communicated strongest in that scene. We also decided to make commemorative tanks for this year as well.

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  • Direction: Kevin Cox
  • Choreography: Jessica Quirk, Kevin Cox
  • Audio/Editing: Kevin Cox
  • Lighting: Derek Dolechek
  • Katy Perry: Jessica Quirk
  • Adam Levine: Michael Rivera
  • Britney Spears: Katie Barnum
  • Lady Gaga: Sarah Sheade
  • Chris Brown: Kevin Cox